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  • Tours in Rome

    Roman Candle Tours was born in Rome and this is where we first began providing dynamic tours of the city of Rome and the Vatican City. After many years of operating private tours in Rome, we are renowned for conducting some of the best private guided tours that this beautiful city has ever seen. 

    Below, you will find our great selection of private tours which cover all of the must see sites in Rome and the surrounding areas. If you don't find exactly what you are looking please contact us so that we can customize an itinerary for you.

    Are you looking for private tours of the Vatican? Click here!

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  • Tours in Tuscany and Florence

    We have sought out the best private tour guides in Florence and Tuscany. All of which have either lived in Florence for many years, or were born here. Allow our local experts to show you why this region of Italy was, and in many ways still is, the most important center of artistic, cultural and culinary delights.

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  • Naples and Amalfi Coast Tours

    Naples, Pompeii and the Amalfi Coast have quickly become some of our most popular destinations. The joys of the south quickly come to life with the help of our characteristic guides who were born and raised in the region and know a lot more than just the sites. Let your senses go wild and experience everything that this region of Italy as to offer!

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  • Tours of Venice

    Venice, the Queen of the Adriatic. Built from the mud up, this city has blossomed into a beautiful maze of canals, bridges, art and architecture. It has since been frozen in time leaving us with a dreamlike setting rich with history. Our Venice private tour guides are the best in the city and can make your dreams a reality.

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  • Cruise Ship Excursions

    Both the Mediterranean and the Adriatic have been some of the most important bodies of water since antiquity and have been used for thousands of years by travelers, merchants, philosophers, artisans and most recently, vacationers. With vicinity to three different continents, the history runs deep offering a completely unique experience in each port of call. 

    Our Cruise Ship Excursions explore the best of each destination with professional private guides and drivers.

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  • Vatican City Tours

    Roman Candle Tours was a pioneer in Vatican tourism. From the beginning, we only offered tours of the Vatican City and the city of Rome. The Vatican has been like a second home to us and our English speaking guides know everything there is to know ensuring that your visit to the Vatican is a special experience. 
    Our Private tours of the Vatican cover all of the must sees of the Vatican including the Vatican Museums, Sistine Chapel, St. Peter's Basilica and much more. 

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  • Tailored Tours

    Roman Candle Tours specializes in offering exceptional customised tours of Italy. We can tailor a tour to last a couple of hours, or a couple of weeks. Our travel services throughout Italy involve only the best contacts in each destination offering optimum service. Our guest's interests are our primary focus, we want to make sure that you see everything which you are interested in, and do everything that you would like to do. If you would like us to tailor a tour for you, or if you have any special requests, then you have come to the right place! 

    Please fill out the form below in order to help us best serve you.

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