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The Dazzle And The Bellezza: What Milan Fashion Week Holds For You

Settimana della moda, or the Milan Fashion Week, is one of the four most famous fashion shows– also called the Big Four– that happen around the globe. Known for its nonpareil diversity and glamour, the event attracts masses especially due to the attendance of world’s most eminent designers and fashionistas under one roof, namely, the fashion central of Italy. The general enthusiasm of the lovers of haute couture heightens to another extent when, at the star-studded occasion, they are introduced to the exquisite designs which are meant to immediately take over the modern industry’s fashion trends.

Photo credit: Girogio Montersino

When and Where?

The Milan Fashion week takes place twice a year: once in fall/winter and then during the spring/summer season. The first of these starts in February/March while the second event takes place during September/October—which means that one of them is just round the corner and you wouldn’t have to wait much!
“According to the dates set out by the association, the year’s first Milano fashion week will be occasioned from February 24th to March 1, 2016.” (For complete schedules, you can visit the association’s official website.
The venues are usually confirmed and announced before a week, but the usual spots include standard studios and influential landmarks of Milan like the Piazza Duomo and the Palazzo Reale, which are famous for their links to the city’s brilliant architect and rich history and hence play a vital role in promoting their rich culture during a time when tourism is at its peak.

Photo credit: LBJ Foundation

How To Get In?

Most of the shows are specifically guest-oriented and entry is restricted to fashion designers, sponsors, and people belonging to the fashion industry— which means that you would need to get an invitational pass for attending the fashion week, or register with the National Chamber of Italian Fashion. Other options include contacting the PR agencies that deal with tickets to particular shows or better yet, look for contests online a week before the show is scheduled as some designers conduct these for their hardcore fans.
The best way to get in—even if you couldn’t find a ticket—would be to dress up your best and just go there! It is possible, as per various resources and people’s own experiences, that at the time of event a few lucky fans get spare passes judging on how artistically they have dressed. Still, however, if you don’t manage to ‘get in’ like that—worry not! There are always more fashion shows in the same chain that are open to public and that can be enjoyed with friends and partners easily. 

Photo credit: Giorgio Montersino

What Awaits You?

Seventy-four unique shows displaying the very best from Italy’s fashion ateliers, international couturiers, and emerging artists with their own jaw-dropping variety of general and themed outfits are bound to dazzle you at the Milan Fashion Week. The event holds host to world’s most popular Italian designers that are considered major brands today—such as Gucci, Prada, Dolce & Gabbana, Versace, Moschino, Giorgio Armani, and Roberto Cavalli, etc. Also, other artists from across the world come up to showcase their designs and newcomers take the opportunity to introduce their own stunning patterns, in turn inspiring the very fashion houses and people into adoring and adorning.

Photo credit: Bruno Cordioli

A Glimpse Into The Glitz

Home to stylish fashion nights, shows, parties and crazy hip hop, the Milan Fashion Week is a must-attend. It is where celebrities gather and fashionables flaunt, where designers bring out their best-crafted and new trends are born and set, to enchant the world.
The Les Hommes Men’s, Milan Women Ready to Wear, and Street Style are just a few names of shows presented there. The men’s collections, Milano Moda Uomo, and the women’s collection, Milano Moda Donna, are shown on separate dates (you can catch the prestigious Milano Moda Donna on the 24th and 29th of February—yes, there are two shows for us!) The total number of collections crosses a hundred and thirty, including everything from the gorgeous Armani and Cavalli to Marni, MSGM, Fausto Puglisi, Philipp Plein and many others.
Moreover, the city has attached video walls all over at various important spots in the city which not only bring more excitement to the air but makes fashion walk on the streets! It also enables everyone to enjoy live coverage.

Photo credit: Bruno Cordioli

Grab A Ticket and Enter The Glamour Zone 

So if you are a true-blue fashionista, it’s time you don your most favorite (make sure it’s extraordinary!) wardrobe and indulge in a completely ecstatic journey. Sight celebrities, know what the supermodels wear, get inspired, and hopefully get a chance to meet your favorite designers too! Because this, for sure, is one event you cannot miss and will never want to forget.

Photo credit: Eva Rinaldi

Written by: Staghorn

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