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What should you expect when booking a tour with Roman Candle Tours?

A commitment to a personal approach has led Roman Candle Tours to achieve industry respected recognition as providers of engaging activities and learning experiences, as well as customer service and travel advice. With an experienced administrative team, we continue to offer the best service to individual travellers and associated travel agents by offering rapid, in-depth solutions to meet any request. At the same time, our onsite team serves the immediate needs of our guests with a plethora of knowledge and absolute professionalism.

Our Team

Who are we?

Who are the people organizing and conducting your guided tours?

Our Prices

Not only do we pride ourselves on adding to the well-being of our client’s minds and bodies through well organized, fun and active itineraries, but we also keep in mind the well-being of our client’s pocketbooks offering excellent services at honest costs.

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We are here to help!

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have a question, looking for advice, wish to tell us what a lovely time you had, or if you have any constructive criticisms.

Privacy Policy

Roman Candle Tours undertakes to ensure the confidentiality of all information that you provide us with. 

Travel Agents and Partners

Work with us!

If you are a travel agent, tour operator or if you represent a travel organization, we would be happy to be your suppliers in Italy ensuring your clients receive the best possible service. We will also provide you with all of the information necessary to present detailed and complete itineraries to your clients. In case that is not good enough, you will also receive a commission of 20%.

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Minimum Booking Time 72hrs in advance. For last minute bookings please contact us before you place your booking online.

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