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Don’t play with your food – Italian Chef Matteo Stucchi


— Let Matteo Stucchi be the judge of that —

Italian pastry chef Matteo Stucchi is creating beautiful deserts which are seemingly larger than life. At the young age of 23, the talented chef is quickly gaining a huge following online from dessert lovers, design enthusiasts and as well as anyone with an imagination, a playful heart and a love for the sweeter things in life.

Matteo’s fantasies come to reality in miniature forms, from tiramisu construction sites, to strawberry wedding parties, to fishing along the biscuit banks of an apricot pond, to rafting down a river of chocolaty goodness; he truly has an imagination capturing the minds of children and adults alike.

Majority of Matteo’s desserts are easily recognisable as traditionally Italian. However, like all great pastry chefs, he cannot ignore what the French have given to the culinary world.

His Instagram portfolio began in the summer of 2016 and although there are already more then enough treats to make your mouth water, it would be best to follow his page @dolcidigulliver as he plans to post new creations weekly.


Salame di Cioccolato (Chocolate Salami)
Tortino al Cioccolato con cuore caldo (Chocolate Souffle)
Cioccolata a Blocchi (Chocolate blocks)
‘Brownie’ with nocciola (Brownie with Hazelnut)
Cantucci (Amaretti / Almond Biscuits)
Dolcetto al Cocco Ricoperto di Cioccolato (Chocolate Covered Coconut)
Bigné al cioccolato (Chocolate Covered Cream Puffs of Saint Giuseppe)
Baci di Dama (Lady’s Kisses)
Pesche Dolci (Sweet Peach Cookies)
Occhio di Bue all’albicocca (Bull’s Eye Apricot Biscuits)
Fragole al cioccolato bianco-nero fondente (White and Dark Chocolate Covered Strawberries)

For more images and to keep up to date with the most recent creations of Matteo, follow this link to his Instagram page at @dolcidigulliver.

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