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Rome’s Best Outside Eateries

Entrenched in magnificently preserved pieces of epic history, from the many medieval cobblestones to the grandeur of the Colosseum, Rome is ideal for eating outside. The restaurants and cafes of the Eternal City practically spill out onto the streets, despite the abundant historical sites and bustle of passersby, humming scooters, and daily commuters. The people of Rome cherish eating fresh cuisine and spending time with loved ones in their beautiful city.
Residents and visitors alike flock outside to eat and drink, especially when the weather begins to brighten in early spring, stays humid and hot through summer, and during the crisp, cooler autumn days. If visiting during the immense heat of June, July, and August, read these tips on how to beat the summer heat in Rome. Summer travelers can also discover Rome’s temporary outside venues, like the bars, stalls, and restaurants that pop-up along the Tiber River on the ‘Lungotevere.’ Full of gourmet, international food, and refreshing beverages, this pathway along the river becomes a haven in the summer.
Roma Farmer’s Market
Other favorites for food lovers are Rome’s many outdoor markets. Visit one of Rome’s most colorful and historic ones at ‘Campo de’ Fiori’ and take a food and walking tour to learn the market’s story, area’s history, and taste some of Rome’s specialities. Otherwise, while exploring the city, take note of the locations below and when nearby, grab tables outside to fully enjoy the sounds, smells, sights, and tastes Rome has to offer.

Coffee with a View


Old Picture Taken Of Rosati 
Enjoy a cappuccino and something sweet at Rosati, a long-standing Roman ‘bar’ that dates back to 1922, in one of Rome’s most impressive squares, ‘Piazza del Popolo’ or the People’s Square. Grab an outdoor table and look out on the twin seventeenth century churches, ‘Santa Maria in Montesanto‘ and ‘Santa Maria dei Miracoli’ on one side, the ‘Porta del Popolo’ or Door of the People on the other, and the Egyptian obelisk of Rameses II in the center of the piazza. Roscati has an upscale, but old style Italian ambiance which offers hot meals of pasta, risotto, and cooked meats, as well as decadent pastries and strong espresso drinks.
Opening Hours: 7:30am to 11:30pm daily
Location: Piazza del Popolo, 5a, 00187 Roma

Tram Depot

Tram Depot In Testaccio
In the hip Testaccio neighborhood, this vintage tram carriage, which has been converted into a stationary coffee bar, serves tasty third wave coffee drinks from the traditional cappuccino to home-brewed iced coffee. Tram Depot also offers delicious pastries, handmade juices and sandwiches, and tasty cocktails, beer, and wine in the evenings. There is no inside seating, so grab a swinging bench or a quaint garden table under the shade of large umbrellas and overhanging foliage from the nearby garden. Depending on the weather, Tram Depot usually opens for the year at the beginning of May and closes at the end of September.
Seasonal Opening Hours: 8am to 2am daily, late spring and summer only
Location: Via Marmorata, 13, 00153 Roma

Bar Gianicolo

This Italian coffee bar is nothing fancy, but it is absolutely authentic. With lots of regulars and locals, Bar Gianicolo is superb for people-watching and getting the real Roman experience. Sit outside and order a coffee or ‘spritz,’ a summery Italian cocktail made with Prosecco and Aperol, and watch how Italians enjoy the day while the Roman traffic whooshes down Gianicolo Hill. To soak up some of the best views of Rome and the magnificent marble, seventeenth century ‘Fontana dell’Acqua Paola,’ walk up Gianicolo Hill to the bar by using the steps that start in Trastevere. Take in the terra cotta rooftops and soft domed churches, before heading to the bar.
Opening Hours: 6am to 1am daily, except Mondays
Location: Piazzale Aurelio, 5, 00152 Roma

Eating on the Streets of Rome

Trattoria da Teo

With winding streets, ivy-covered walls, and small churches embedded amongst bookshops and restaurants, Trastevere is an absolutely charming neighborhood to eat outside. Trattoria da Teo is one of the uniquely authentic Italian ‘trattorie,’ serving large plates of Roman specialities like ‘carticiofi alla romana,’ which are artichokes cooked Roman style in olive oil and garlic and Rome’s pasta dishes like ’pasta carbonara,’ ‘pasta amatriciana,’ and ‘cacio e pepe.’ For a table in the evening, especially a table outside in the little courtyard, call and make a reservation. Like many traditional Italian restaurants, da Teo closes between lunch and dinner service.
Opening Hours: 12:30 to 3pm and 7:30 to 11pm daily, except Sundays
Location: Piazza dei Ponziani, 7A, 00153 Roma

Dar Filettaro

A tiny, but tantalizing hole-in-the-wall full of Italians, Dar Filettaro offers some of Rome’s best, but lesser known street food; the deliciously fried ‘bacala’ or cod. The menu is cheap and small, basically consisting of just fried fish, a few vegetable dishes, fresh bread, and several beers and house wines. Try the ‘puntarelle’ salad, which is a crunchy endive type green tossed in an olive oil, anchovy, and lemon dressing. Wait for a table outside and enjoy the little piazza with the quaint church, ‘Chiesa di Santa Barbara dei Librai,’ which is delicately smushed between two other buildings.
Opening Hours: 5 to 11pm daily, except Sundays
Location: Largo dei Librari, 88, 00186 Roma

Ginger Sapori e Salute

Not far from the elegant Piazza Navona, is the health conscious and environmentally friendly restaurant, Ginger Sapori e Salute, which offers scrumptious pancakes, savory breakfasts, organic coffee, rice bowls, salads, sandwiches, juices, and excellent wines. The menu is inspired by Italian and Mediterranean cuisine with a focus on serving foods that are good for the body and the earth. There are vegetarian, vegan, and gluten-free options and a lovely outside seating area furnished in a crisp white.
Opening Hours: 8am to midnight daily
Location: Piazza Sant’Eustachio, 54-55 Roma

Mò Mò Republic

Although a little away from the center, Mò Mò Republic is the perfect place for parties, meetings, or a romantic evening outdoors. In a grand, modern villa with impeccable, stately grounds, the restaurant serves lovely buffet style lunches with modern Italian, and sometimes Japanese, cuisine. In the evening, they serve delicious drinks, appetizers, and full meals, including a selection of gourmet burgers. Large, cushioned deck chairs and low tables spread around the well-kept, chic garden and shimmering swimming pool, which is not used. Do not miss a peek inside to see the elegant rooms with wide staircases, high ceilings, and chandeliers.
Opening Hours: 12pm to 2:30am daily
Location: Piazza Carlo Forlanini, 10, 00151 Roma
Vivi Bistrot Villa Doria Pamphili

Before or after strolling through Rome’s largest public park, Villa Doria Pamphili, which is filled with green and enchanting leftover pieces from the villa’s heyday, go to the park’s only restaurant, Vivi Bistrot Villa Doria Pamphili to refuel. Vivi Bistrot, which has four other locations including one in Piazza Navona, has idyllic outside seating under the shade of the park’s large, drooping trees. It offers a range of organic breakfast, brunch, and lunch items, including fresh fruit, pancakes, and bagels and lox, and delightful, sustainably made juices, teas, coffees, and cakes.
Opening Hours: 9am to 5pm on weekdays and 6pm on weekends
Location: Via Vitellia, 102, 00152 Roma

Rome’s Rooftop Bars and Restaurants

Hotel Eden Il Giardino Restaurant & Bar

For a truly luxurious experience, head to Hotel Eden’s rooftop bar for some exceptional panoramic views of Rome. Il Giardino Restaurant & Barserves upscale, seasonal Italian cuisine with views of Rome’s striking ‘Il Vittoriano‘ and the sprawling gardens of ‘Villa Borghese.’ Il Giardino has some of Rome’s most beautiful rooftop views, not to mention having one of Rome’s most highly acclaimed restaurants. Hotel Eden’s La Terrazza is an exquisite Michelin star winning restaurant, which is also open for lunch and dinner.
Opening Hours: 7 to 1am daily
Location: Hotel Eden, Via Ludovisi 49, 00187 Roma

Hotel Minerva Roof Garden

With seductively close views of the Pantheon and background views of ‘Il Vittoriano,’ Hotel Minerva Roof Garden is another one of Rome’s most captivating and spacious rooftops. Appetizing, modern Italian breakfasts, lunches, and dinners are served. If not for a meal, head to the rooftop bar in the evening to admire an epic golden sunset and order a bottle of bubbling ‘Procecco’ or ‘Moscati’ to share.
Opening Hours: 7am to 11pm daily
Location: Piazza della Minerva, 69, 00186 Roma

Beach Dining Near Rome

Rambla Natural Beach Restaurant & Bar

Sun-kissed and casual-chic, Rambla Natural Beach Restaurant & Bar sits on the soft sand of Rome’s pristine Maccarese Beach. Italian families come here with the sole goal of having a drawn out, utterly relaxing lunch in the fresh air filled with fish and wine. Meanwhile, the people on the beach come up every so often for a refreshment or snack. The restaurant serves mouthwatering plates piled with ‘calamari’ or fried squid and ‘gamberetti fritti’ or fried shrimp, as well as freshly baked pizzas and seafood pastas like ‘spaghetti al vongole’ or spaghetti with clams.
Seasonal Opening Hours: 8 to midnight daily
Location: Via Silvi Marina, 1, 00054 Fregene

La Baia

One of Rome’s trendiest beaches, Fregene, offers a divine place to dine on seafood and fresh pasta at La Baia. It is not open all year, but has a quirky, refined beach charm and delicious fish and an extensive wine list, making La Baia a prime destination for hungry beach goers. It also attracts those who simply want a taste of the sea. Sit under the shade of the covered, wooden veranda and order some beautifully plated fresh fish, like the raw ‘tonno’ or tuna.
Seasonal Hours: 12:30 to 3pm daily, 8 to 10:30pm Fridays and Saturdays
Location: Via Silvi Marina, 1, 00054 Fregene
From all of us at Roman Candle Tours, enjoy exploring and eating in one of the most irresistible cities in the world. We hope you are able to eat outside in ‘bella Roma’ as much as possible.


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