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Rome's Morning Market Walk & Food Tour
Eating your way through Rome

With our partners at 'Wine & Food of Rome', discover the true flavour of Rome on this explosive culinary experience. You’ll find busy artisan's shops and locals picking up their daily produce on this picturesque walk through the narrow streets of Rome's most ancient neighbourhoods to the Campo de’ Fiori market and Rome's historic Jewish ghetto.

: 3 hours
Private from : €150 per adult, €120 per youth aged 13-17yrs, €100 per child aged 6-12yrs.

Tour Itinerary
From Campo dei Fiori's open-air Market, to the Jewish Ghetto with 9 food tasting stops along the way including a glass of Wine.
Tour Duration : 3 hours
Tour Cost :€150 / adult, €120 / youth, €100 / child
Meeting Time :10:30am
Meeting Point :Central location in Rome. Full details in confirmation email.
Feel free to contact us with questions or to help you create an itinerary.

Start with a relaxed late-morning “caffe” and then pick up the day's fruits and vegetables, cured meats, slow-roasted pork, bread from the neighborhood baker, authentic Roman pizza, pasta and more. 

The tour continues with unbelievable cheeses and a sit-down break at a delicious family-run restaurant for traditional pasta and a glass of wine, and then we end our walk with artisan cookies and gelato. 

Rome's local specialties are mostly unknown and we want to put Rome's products right in the spotlight, where they belong. In the Eternal City, flavors have always changed with the seasons and local volcanic soils have produced wine since the time of the Caesars. 

Bring your appetite, your camera and a belt that can spare a notch.

More Info...
  • A minimum of 4 adults are needed in order for this tour to be conducted.

  • Meeting Time : Monday - Sunday : 10:30am

  • Meeting Point : Piazza Della Chiesa Nuova just on the front door steps of the big white marble church called Santa Maria in Vallicella. (This church is located right along the major east-west road called Corso Vittorio Emmanuele, right in the heart of the city.) The tour starts at 10:30am sharp so please be sure to get here a few minutes early! Look for your culinary guide holding a sign with your name written on it.
    Full details and map will be included in a confirmation email.

  • Dress Code : Comfortable walking shoes

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