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Privacy Policy

Roman Candle Tours undertakes to ensure the confidentiality of all information that you provide us with. 

We request that you kindly read this Charter concerning the respect for privacy and personal data protection (hereinafter called "the Charter"), so that you are aware of the use that is made of the personal information you provide when registering and/or using our services. 

Roman Candle Tours reserves the right to alter this Charter and we therefore ask you to refer to it on a regular basis. 

This Charter will inform you on: 
- the Charter's field of application- the registration of personal data- the range of information requested- the use and distribution of personal information - the right to update, correct or delete personal information- the retention period for personal information- security measures. 
If you have any comments or questions, please contact us: 

Roman Candle Tours
(+39) 320 270 9434 

The Charter applies to all data received when a customer registers a product/event on Roman Candle Tours and/or when placing an order. 

When you register and/or place an order, Roman Candle Tours requests certain information, such as your name, your e-mail address and other personal details. The more detailed and complete the information provided, the better Roman Candle Tours will be able to respond to your requirements. Once you have registered, you are no longer an anonymous customer to Roman Candle Tours : you will be entitled to a variety of services offered by Roman Candle Tours  such as telephone support. In the event of a problem, if you contact Roman Candle Tours we retain a copy of the relevant correspondence. Each time any personal information is collected, Roman Candle Tours endeavours to include a link to the relevant page of this Charter. 

Roman Candle Tours main aim in collecting personal information is to offer you easy access to our telephone support service, privileged access to Roman Candle Tours services and for you to receive gifts chosen by Roman Candle Tours to thank you for registering. Only Roman Candle Tours and its subcontractors have access to the data that you provide when you register and/or place an order. Eg. Tour Guide.
If, when registering, you indicated that you would like to receive offers or information from Roman Candle Tours, we will, from time to time send you information via e-mail on the products and services relevant to you.
If you do not wish to receive these messages, you simply need to advise us when providing us with your personal information. You may also, at any time, simply amend your account information with Roman Candle Tours so as not to receive any further offers or mailshots. Roman Candle Tours does not sell or disclose any information provided by its users to any other party. We advise you at the time of collecting or transferring data if your personal information is liable to be disclosed to a third party and you reserve the right to forbid the transmission of this information. In the event of your information being transmitted to a third party, any correction to or deletion of your personal information will be advised to the relevant third party. 

In all cases and in accordance with current French legislation and more specifically with the law dated 6 January 1978, you have the right to consult, amend or contest your personal data. 
Please send any requests and / or questions relating to your data record to the following :

Roman Candle Tours
Italy : +39 320 270 9434UK : +44 020 3239 6377
USA : +1 315 876 9833

With the exception of any processing for historical, statistical or scientific purposes, your personal data shall not be retained in its nominal form for any longer than the period necessary to fulfill the purposes for which it was requested. 


Only those persons specifically authorized by Roman Candle Tours have access to your information. Thus Roman Candle Tours insists, for example, that its employees comply with strict instructions, especially as regards access to the database used to store and collect personal information. Roman Candle Tours generally takes all appropriate technical and organizational measures to ensure the optimal security of registered data, just as Roman Candle Tours pays particular attention to the guarantees of security provided by its partners or any other person required to process or use this information. Nevertheless, given the current technical situation and despite all precautions taken by the company, Roman Candle Tours is under no obligation to achieve any objective in this respect. 

Publication Director: Matthew Carley (General Director Roman Candle Tours) 

If you have any questions concerning this Charter, please do not hesitate to contact us :
Italy : +39 320 270 9434UK : +44 020 3239 6377
USA : +1 315 876 9833

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