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Fequently Asked Questions

If you have a question that you would like answered quickly then hopefully you will be able to find the answer on our FAQ's page. If you cannot find what you are looking for then please don't hesitate to contact us.

  • How do E-tickets work?
Soon after payment is completed you will receive an automated Booking Confirmation Email (E-ticket). The e-ticket will contain your Booking Details, the Meeting Point, Map & and all other relevant information you need for your tour. On average, it will take about 1 - 5 minutes for the e-ticket to be received by our guests. (As the email contains a map and other images it may be tagged as spam or junk mail so PLEASE CHECK YOUR BULK / SPAM FOLDER!!!) Although it is not necessary, we recommend that you print your e-ticket so that you have all of the meeting info and map easily accessible. If you do not wish to print your e-ticket, you can simply arrive to the meeting point with your e-ticket number as the tour guide will already have all the details of your booking. If you do not wish to print the e-ticket we strongly recommend that you mark on another map where the meeting point is.

  • I have reserved a tour but have not yet received the confirmation email. What is wrong?
If you have completed payment for the tour and you have not yet received the confirmation email there may be the following problems,- Your payment is under review. This generally happens when you have decided to pay for the tour with an echeck as opposed to with a credit card or instant payment. Once the echeck has cleared you will receive the confirmation email. If you are booking a tour last minute then it is best not to pay via echeck so that you receive the voucher immediately. - Our confirmation email has been placed in your Junk / Spam folder. Please check this folder to see if it has been placed there.- Your have not entered your correct email address and the voucher was undeliverable. If you think this may be the case please contact us.**If the E-Ticket is not received within 6hrs please contact us and we will re-send the information manually.

  • Do we have to book in advance or can I book a tour once arriving in Italy?
If you would like to join one of our tours it is best that you book in advance to avoid disappointment. Our team is relatively small so although we will always do our best to accommodate, booking at the last minute is not recommended.

  • Do you offer tours of any other sites or cities that are not listed on the website?
Our most popular tours are the sites and cities offered on the site. However, if you are interested in visiting something or somewhere that is not included on our website let us know and we will be happy to arrange a tour for you. Our knowledge in the field is pretty extensive so it’s unlikely that you will ask for something we don't know about! We know and work with the best guides that live all over Italy and they are capable of touring almost everything in Italy.

  • If we join your tour, must we stand in line to get into the Vatican Museums?
No! We will reserve Priority Entrance tickets for you ensuring that the line into the Vatican Museums will be skipped!

  • Do we have to wait in line to enter St. Peter's Basilica? 
NO, we use the guide's reserved exit out of the Sistine Chapel which brings us directly to St. Peter's Basilica without waiting in line. If of course this exit is closed due to restoration or some other reason then we will have to take the main exit out of the Vatican Museums, walk around the Vatican walls in the direction of St. Peter's Basilica to pass through security. In this rare case, it will be later in the afternoons and the crowds are no longer an issue.

  • Where is a good place to find accommodation in Italy? 
- Hotels in Italy with Special Offers
- Hotel Accommodation in Rome
- Cheap Hotels in Rome
- Best Bed and Breakfasts in Rome
- Hotel Accommodation in Venice
- Hotel Accommodation in Florence
- Hotel Accommodation in Amalfi

  • Do we enter the Colosseum?
YES, the Roman Candle Tour of Rome's Ancient City takes you right inside of the Colosseum! This is definitely something that should not be missed! If you book the Colosseum & Ancient City Tour then you will enter the Colosseum.

  • Do I have to wait in line at the Colosseum?
No, on the day of the guided tour our Roman Candle Guides will have pre-purchased tickets for you ensuring that the lines are skipped.

  • Do I have to wait in line when entering the Accademia Gallery or the Uffizi Gallery in Florence?
No, we make all necessary reservations for you ensuring that we do not have to wait in line at either museum.

  • Where do we meet for our tour?
If you look at the bottom of each tour itinerary page (ie. Vatican Tour, Colosseum Tour) you will see the meeting point information and map. Once you have booked your tour, you will then receive a confirmation email including further meeting point details, maps and images, with precise printable directions.

  • Can I choose what time to have a private tour?
Yes, you can arrange a private tour whenever you please, granted the site is open. The times which are suggested are times that we think are the best in terms of avoiding the crowds and the summer sun.

  • When do we purchase tickets?
This depends on the tour of choice. For the main sites (Vatican, Colosseum, Borghese Gallery, Accademia, Uffizi, St. Mark's Basilica) tickets are purchased in advance by us ensuring that the lines are skipped. For other sites which do not need a reservation (Pompeii, Ostia Antica, Hadrian's Villa...) the tickets are bought on site.

  • Can we pay the tour guide and / or entrance fees using credit cards on the day of the tour?
The tour guide will not have the ability to accept credit cards on the day of the tour. Please come prepared with Euro cash.Although some sites do, not all accept credit cards so again it is best to come prepared with Euro cash.

  • Are the tours only offered in English?
We do offer private tours in English, German, Spanish, French, Russian, Polish, Portuguese, Swedish and Chinese. No matter what language the tour is conducted in, all of our guides speak that language fluently.

  • Are the tours wheelchair friendly?
Again, this depends on the tour of choice. In any case, it is always best to book a private tour when touring with a wheelchair. Please contact us for more information on the site you would like to visit and we will give you our honest advice and opinion.

  • What if it is raining on the day of the tour?
We plan to run all scheduled tours as scheduled.

  • Can we take photographs while on tour? 
Most of the sites that we tour do allow photography but generally without a flash, especially while indoors. Your guide will notify you when and where it is possible to take photos at the beginning of each tour.

  • Can I bring my backpack, tripod, laptop... while on tour?
Most museums will not allow you to bring a backpack or large purse into the site. A baggage deposit is available however we always suggest to pack as lightly as possible as the baggage deposit is at the beginning of the tour and most often we do not finish at the same location as where we begin. Tripods, large umbrellas, pocket knives, glass bottles, laptops are most often not permitted through museum security so please do not bring these objects when going on tour.

  • Is there a dress code on certain tours?
Yes! If you are taking a tour which includes a visit to a church then we are asked to respect the rules of the church. When visiting a church in Italy and ESPECIALLY the Vatican, it is important for both men and women to have knees, shoulders and stomachs fully covered. We always recommend comfortable shoes!

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