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Roman Candle Tours also specializes in the organisation of large group travel and tours in Italy. With our vast connections with hotels, busses and sites we can accommodate groups of any size, for any occasion. Whether you are arriving on a school trip, in a wedding party, with a pilgrimage or for business, we will make sure that your group has everything you need as soon as you arrive in Italy.

Our large group tours cater to parties of all shapes and sizes and we always do our best to make it a unique and personal experience for everyone so that you are not lost in your own group. To mention a few, we have taken care of school groups from America, wedding parties from Holland, pilgrimages from Reunion, business events for International companies and even football (soccer) teams from England. Below, you can see what we we are capable of doing in order to accommodate your group coming to Italy.
  1. Transportation : We work with the best and safest bus companies in the country. If you are looking for transfers to or from the airport or hotel then have us be the ones to pick you up. Also, if you are visiting more than city during your time in Italy we can make sure you all arrive together, safe and sound. Please see 'Bus and Limo services' for more information and booking.

  2. Group Accommodation : With our good friends at Italy Hotels Direct we can arrange great group accommodation to fit any budget, always at the best price. Our relations with hotels are superb and we know the best hotels in each destination.

  3. Keeping on subject : We often have requests from school groups who have come to Italy for different reasons, some for art, some of architecture, some for history, and some just for fun. We have many guides who are experts on many different subjects so if you would like to keep focused on a certain subject matter then we will be able to provide a professional guide at your request. 

  4. Spiritual Visits : Italy is a top destination for religious groups and we know how to make these visits rewarding and unique. Of course you wish to see the must see sites of Catholicism but there is much more which can be done than a simple visit to a church. As an example, we can arrange special services such as having your local priest conduct masses for your group of pilgrims in some of the beautiful churches in Italy. We can ensure that your spiritual visit to Italy is ever more fruitful.

  5. Events, Dining & Drinks : With our knowledge and connections, we can arrange things that may seem out of reach to many. For example, if your group would like to have dinner on a rooftop terrace overlooking the Colosseum, it can be done. When celebrating a special event, we can organise location rentals, so that you, your friends and colleagues have the whole place just for yourselves, in privacy. We know our cities inside and out and are able to ensure that your events are cut above the rest.

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