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Our best suggestions in Italy's main destinations

Here at Roman Candle Tours, we know how hard it is to select the best restaurant to eat out at, there's so many to choose from! Living in Italy, we have had plenty experience in experimenting with different culinary establishments to give you the best tips on where to find the best steak, fish, pizza and pasta in town, wherever you're staying. Here's our top picks for whatever you fancy!

Dining in Florence
1) '4 Leoni' 
Restaurant Type : Trattoria   Open for : Breakfast/Lunch/Dinner   Important Info : Making a reservation is highly recommended 
Right in the middle of a lovely little piazza, 4 Leoni is a highly recommended visit during your stay in Florence. An authentic Italian Trattoria, favoured with the Florentine locals, offers an array of local delights. Using all fresh produce from local markets, this restaurant has been adored by many from near and far. Try their pear pasta for something a little different. Reservations are recommended due to it's popularity in the area.
Address : Via de’ Vellutini, 1r (Piazza della Passera)  Tel : (+39) 055218562

2) 'Borgo San Jacopo' 
Restaurant Type : Tuscan Cuisine and Wine   Open for : Breakfast/Brunch/Dinner  Important info : To get the balcony with the view of the river, there are only two, reservations are a-must. Away from the hustle and bustle of the crowds but still in the centre of Florence, sits Borgo San Jacopo. A restaurant with both great food and wine and spectacular views of the Arno River and Ponte Vecchio from their private balcony. A perfect romantic getaway to soak in the views and atmosphere of the city.
Address : Borgo San Jacopo  Tel : (+39) 055-281661

3) 'Ristorante Benedicta' 
Restaurant Type : Modern Italian   Open for : Dinner Only   Important Info : Reservations only. 
Only a 10 minute walk from Piazza Duomo, Ristorante Benedicta is renowned for excellent food, wine and service. From the street it might not look like anything special but once you walk inside you are very pleasantly surprised. It has a wonderful garden terrace area to enjoy your meal outside but in the peace and quiet away from the busy centre. It's great value for money without stinging on the quality of the food and drink.
Address : via Benedetta 12/r  Tel : (+39) 0552645429 

4) 'Enoteca Pinchorri'
Restaurant Type : European, French, Italian  Open for : Breakfast/Lunch/Dinner  Important Info : Reservation is a must 
If you want to treat yourself during your stay in Florence, then Enoteca Pinchorri is just the place to do so. This 3 Michelin Starred restaurant is the lap of luxury in food, wine and atmosphere. It's more expensive than your average restaurant in Florence but that's because it's not average! Each item on your plate is so delicately and deliberately placed, you wont want to eat it! A definite place to go if you want to spoil yourself.
Address : Via Ghibellina 87  Tel : (+39) 055 242777

5) 'Restaurant Perseus' 
Restaurant Type : Italian   Open for : Breakfast/Lunch/Dinner   Important Info : You might need to get a taxi to it as it's not in the centre 
Food and Florence usually means one thing, a Florentine steak. Nothing beats it and Ristorante Perseus is renowned in the area for creating such a beauty. It's a bit out of town but it's worth it. They don't just serve steak, their pastas and anti-pasti are also delicious and well worth the journey.
Address : Viale Don Minzoni 10/r  Tel : (+39) 055-588226

Dining in Rome
1) 'Cuoco e Camica'
Restaurant Type : Modern Italian    Open for : Lunch/Dinner   Important Info : Reservation needed
Looking for somewhere to eat near the Colosseum area can be a nightmare. There's so much choice but the prices charged can sometimes be too much for what you get. That's why we wanted to recommend Cuoco e Camica. Although this restaurant is only 500 meters from the Colosseum, it's prices don't reflect it. This modern Italian restaurant has a range of different dishes to suit everyone's wants, they are especially known for their great pasta dishes including their pasta Amatriciana and their pasta Gorgonzola. 
Address : Via Monte Polacco 2/4    Tel : (+39) 06 88922987

2) 'Da Enzo'
Restaurant Type : Classic Italian Trattoria    Open for : Breakfast/Brunch/Dinner   Important Info : It's quite small so a reservation is recommended to prevent a wait to be seated.
When visiting Rome, an absolute must to stop and eat and enjoy the ambiance of true Italian life is definitely the area of Trastevere. It's renowned for both locals and visitors to be the social heart of the city where you can eat amazing, authentic Italian cuisine accompanied with great wine sourced both locally and from far. Just minutes away from the hustle and bustle of the heart of Trastevere but still keeping to the Trastevere atmosphere is Da Enzo. An classic Roman restaurant serving classic Cucina Romana. Located in a small, picturesque street, this sibling-run restaurant is a definite stop to get into the heart of all things Roman 
Address : Via dei Vascellari 29   Tel : (+39) 06 5812260

3) 'Enoteca Corsi' 
Restaurant Type : Local Cuisine   Open for : Lunch/Dinner   Important Info : for lunch. come before 1pm to avoid crowds   <
Only a 5 minute walk from the Pantheon, is a small restaurant which creates some lovely local treats that are truly Roman. All locally sourced produce produces some of Rome's most famous dishes, such as Pasta e Ceci (pasta and chickpeas), Tripe, pasta with sausage and lots more. Not only that, it hosts a huge selection of wine to choose from and all for extremely reasonable prices for what you get, ranging between €20-€30.
Address : Via del Gesu 88   Tel : (+39) 06 67908214

4) 'Il Portico' 
Restaurant Type : Classic Italian   Open for : Lunch/Dinner  Important Info : Ask for a table outside so you can see the goings-on of the Jewish Quarter  
Il Portico is located in the famous Jewish Ghetto, this area is known for it's high quality and delicious food. Set in beautiful surroundings, this restaurant is definitely a place to go. They serve original Italian delights like Spaghetti Vongola (pasta with shellfish), Cacio e Pepe (cheese and pepper pasta) and especially their artichokes. All their pasta is hand made and it's very reasonably priced, paying around €30-€35 for your whole meal!!! 
Address : Via del Portico d'Ottavia   Tel : (+39) 06 6864642 

5) 'La Scala in Trastevere' 
Restaurant Type : Classic Italian, Fish, Meat, Truffle  Open for : Lunch through Dinner   Address :  Piazza della Scala 58/61  Tel : (+39) 06 5803763
This restaurant is in the heart of Trastevere with a large indoor and outdoor seat area great for people watching. Although slightly touristy, the prices are honest, the food is fresh and the service is very good. Their menu is set into 3 sections; Meat, Fish and Truffle, all of which are worth a taste. 

Dining in Venice
1) 'Pizzeria Sansovino'
Restaurant Type : Pizzeria   Open for : Lunch/Dinner
If you're peckish but don't want to sit down and eat and waste great sight-seeing time, then try this great little Pizzeria just by St Marks square. Pizzeria Sansovino is perfect for those who want to eat great food on the go. This Pizzeria has so many flavors to choose from that it might take a while to decide which you want, from artichoke to avacado and lots more and it's only only €3 per slice, for the St. Marks area, that's great!  
Address : Calle Zaguri, San Marco 2628   Tel : (+39) 415286141

2) 'Cocaeta'
Restaurant Type : Creperia, ice cream   Open for: Time varies   Important Info : May be a wait if there's a lot of people. Saturday and Sunday is from 7.30 pm to 11.30 pmOnly a 10 minute walk from Venice's Santa Lucia train station, stands the Cocaeta establishment. Opened only recently, this place is becoming extremely popular already with both locals and visitors. This creperia and gelato place is not only delicious but also not expensive at all, with prices ranging from €2-€10 depending on what you order. The owner Giulio works on his own so sometimes there may be a wait as he carefully and lovingly puts each crepe together for you. It's not just sweet crepe he offers, there's also a wide range of savoury options also.  
Address : Cannaregio 548   Tel : (+39) 320 936 5487

3) 'Alle Testiere'
Restaurant Type : Seafood   Open for : Lunch/Dinner  Important Info : Make a reservation to avoid disappointment
Alle Testiere is renowned for it's wide variety and amazingly fresh seafood. If you're a seafood fan, this is the place to eat. It only seats 24 so a reservation is a must unless you don't mind a wait. Located just a few minutes walks from the Rialto bridge, you will still need to look up the location on a map as it's a little hard to find but it's worth it once you get there. 
Address : Calle del Mondo Novo 5801   Tel : (+39) 041 522 7220

4) 'Riviera'
Restaurant Type : Modern Italian   Open for : Lunch/Dinner   Important Info : You may need to get a water taxi to this restaurant as it's a bit of distance from the main centre
Overlooking the Grand Canal, the Riviera restaurant is a definite recommendation from us. With beautiful surroundings, delicious food and friendly and helpful staff, no wonder! It offers a wide range of foods from pasta dishes, seafood, meat, lots of deserts and gorgeous wine which is paired to each course with the help of your waiter. Try and get a seat outside to enjoy those incredible views.
Address : Dorsoduro 1473 Zattere - San Basilio   Tel : (+39) 041 522 7621

5) 'Osteria Alla Ciurma'
Restaurant Type : Tapas/ Pintos style food  Open for : Lunch/Brunch  Important info : It's not open for dinner, closes at 8 pmJust after the Rialto bridge is the restaurant Osteria Alla Ciurma. A lovely place which serves 'Tapas' style food at a very low cost, only €1/€2 euro per item, paired together with some delicious wine they have on offer and you have yourself a lovely afternoon of dining and wining. It's definitely worth a visit and the owner will help you chose which ones you might like the best and which wine to pair it with. 
Address : Calle Galeazza 406 - San Polo   Tel : (+39) 3406 863561

Dining in Naples and Amalfi Coast
1) 'Antica Trasttoria e Pizzeria Da Donato' in Naples
Restaurant Type : Trattoria and pizzeria      Open for : Breakfast/Lunch/Dinner/Delivery    Important Info : Must make a dinner reservation because they get full quickly. They also close around 4.30/5 pm and re-open for dinner at 7.00/7.30 pm
When you come to Naples, you must try the Neapolitan pizza, it's like no other, due to it's thick pizza base and sauce. Da Donato restaurant would be our pizza recommendation for Naples because although there's plenty of other restaurants boasting that their pizza is the "best", we think theirs are. However, they don't just serve pizza, they also serve delicious anti-pasti or starters, fresh seafood and of course.... desert (you must try their signature desert dish Cassatta al Forne). Plus, it's only 5 minutes walk from Piazza Mancini and the main train station.
Address : Via San Cosmo, fuori Porta Nolana 26/28     Tel : (+39) 081 287828

2) 'Frie's' in Naples
Restaurant Type : Take away   Open for : All Day   
Get a little taste of home with a difference during your stay. Fries is exactly what it is! Gorgeous french firs with an array of different sauces that will pleasantly surprise your taste buds, from simple cheddar to red pepper jam, they have it all! Only a few minutes from Piazza Vanvitelli, it's sure to be a welcome treat from pizza every night. 
Address : Via Scarlatti 65    Tel : (+39) 081 5568384

3) 'Ristorante Bagni Delfino' in Sorrento
Restaurant Type : Mostly seafood    Open for : Lunch/Dinner   Important Info : Must book in advance as it gets very busy
Our pick for Sorrento has to be Ristorante Bagni Delfino, a beautifully located restaurant right on the water front that supplies the freshest seafood dishes around. So much to chose from, Spaghetti Vongole, Lobster pasta, mussels, oysters, calamari and so much more. This restaurant gives you views of the whole coastline including Naples and Mt. Vesuvius while you dine. The restaurant has an outdoor decking area that sits just along the water so you can eat, drink and take in those beautiful views.
Address : Via Marina Grande 216     Tel : (+39) 081 8782038

4) 'Ristorante La Sponda' in Positano
Restaurant Type : Italian   Open for : Lunch/Dinner   Important Info : Reservations are a must as this restaurant is very popular with visitors. 
This Michelin starred restaurant is definitely a restaurant to go 'all-out' at. Although it's a little bit more pricey than restaurants in the area, the food, wine and views make you forget about that as you drift away in an evening of pure romance and enjoyment. They have a beautiful terrace area where you can eat and drink while looking over the horizon. They serve beautifully crafted dishes that will leave you speechless and their customer service is impeccable. You even get the addition of guitar and mandolin music playing in the background to really create the scene of perfection. They have a large variety of foods to suit every palette, including fresh fish, pasta, steak, vegetarian options and incredible deserts. This is one you'll never forget!!!
Address : Via S. Sebastiano 2     Tel : (+39) 089 875066

5) 'Trattoria Da Ciccio Cielo Mare e Terra' in Amalfi Coast
Restaurant Type : Italian/Mediterranean Trattoria   Open for : Lunch/Dinner   Important Info : We recommend making a reservation and you should also locate it on the map before you leave your hotel
This family-run restaurant has everything you need for a great dining experience during your stay in the Amalfi Coast. You may not know this but getting around in this area can be difficult because all the roads are very narrow and up hill so even finding a taxi can be difficult. It has been said that the Cavaliere family actually collect you from your hotel and drive you to the restaurant, if you ask nicely they might do the same for you. Located on a cliff, this restaurant has amazing views of the sea. Their food stretches to classic Italian, seafood, vegan and mediterranean food with a great selection of wines for each course. It's not advertised as it should be and therefore it's a gem of a find in the area and a definite recommendation from us.
Address : Via Giovanni Agustariccio 21     Tel : (+39) 089 831265

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