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We offer private tours in all of Italy's main destinations and our guides in each city and every town are the best in the business. When touring privately there is much more flexibility compared to when touring with a group, you have the guide all for yourself. You can move when you want to, spend more time (or less) at certain locations, create your own itineraries and most importantly let the guide focus solely on you.

Touring privately is the best way to go when you are visiting Italy as there is so much to see in each destination. With a private guide you have the ability to do and see everything that you want to without the fear of missing out due to some limitations with a group. All of our guides throughout Italy are professionals, we are very knowledgeable and happy to accommodate with a smile. We have chosen our profession for a reason, we love what we do. 

The Guides Full Attention : With our private tours of Italy, you will have the full and undivided attention of you guide. It is a great way to tour for families with children of any age, as we have the ability to focus on keeping everyone happy and interested. When touring privately with us and we make sure that everyone in your party leaves with a smile. 

Go Further, Get More : Private tours allow you to go further, see more, do more, experience more and allow for a more rewarding time in Italy. We can get you to the hard to reach places visiting fascinating sites which are not often seen. As you are the only ones on the tour, we can go as far as you are willing to go. Weather it be climbing to the top of Piazza Michelangelo to have a view of Florence, or descending into the darkness of Rome's Ancient Catacombs. Anyway you look at it, we can take you further. 

Movement : Some sites in Italy can be difficult for those with limited mobility. Whether you are in a wheelchair, recovering from a hip replacement or just ate too much for lunch, we can take you on the path of least resistance. This ensures that you are comfortable and enjoying yourself throughout the course of the visit. Around the time of the annual Rome Marathon we even have requests for jogging tours of the city. So in case you would like to speed things up, we will be able to set the pace. 

Special Interests : If you have special interests in a certain site, building, painting, time period, shopping district, or anything else, we love to cater. All of our guides are extremely well informed but of course, we each have our favourites. With that being said, we have experts in almost every area and can focus on whatever you please.  
Insiders Advice : With your own private guide you are not bound by others in the group which gives you a better opportunity to really engage with your guide. As all of our guides in were either born in Italy, or have lived here for many years. We know a lot more than just the sites and can provide great suggestions and tips to suit your needs. Don't get caught in tourist traps, get what you came for, a unique and wonderful experience of Italy.

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