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Roman Candle Tours was born in Rome and this is where we first began providing dynamic tours of the city of Rome and the Vatican City. After many years of operating private tours in Rome, we are renowned for conducting some of the best private guided tours that this beautiful city has ever seen. 

Below, you will find our great selection of private tours which cover all of the must see sites in Rome and the surrounding areas. If you don't find exactly what you are looking please contact us so that we can customize an itinerary for you.

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Rome & Vatican in a Day

inside st peters

All of the Eternal City in one day! (Skip the lines!)

As we all know, Rome wasn't built in a day so you can imagine the difficulty of trying to see in one. But, we packed the best of Rome and the Vatican into a full day private tour covering everything from the Colosseum to the Sistine Chapel to the spiciest 'meat-a-ball'!

Duration 7 hours
Private from : €800 per group

Colosseum & Ancient City Tour

Colosseum & Ancient Rome Tour

In the footsteps of the Emperors...

At the very heart of Rome stands the Colosseum and the ancient structures that huddle around it. There is no better way to see the Ancient City area than with one of our experienced English speaking guides who, with their knowledge and expertise, will raise the ruins and bring the area back to life.
Duration : 3 hours
Private from : €400 for groups up to 5 people

Roman Candle Night Tour

the pantheon rome

A stroll before dinner...

There is no better way to work up an appetite than a pleasant early evenings ‘passeggiata’ (stroll) through the Eternal City. This dusk walking private tour meanders through the breathtaking charm of Renaissance Rome and her picturesque back streets, beautifully lit piazzas and magnificent monumental fountains that make Rome so unique.

Duration : 2.5 hours
Private from : €350 per group

Jewish Ghetto & Trastevere Tour

santa maria in trastevere church

A fascinating Insight into the Real Rome

The Jewish Ghetto, Tiber Island and Trastevere are often overlooked by visitors, as they don't know they exist! These three neighbourhoods have the most beautiful streets with a unique, real Roman feel. Just like the rest of the City, they are full of treasures.

: 3 hours
Private from : €350 per group

Tivoli, Hadrian's Villa and the Gardens of Villa d'Este

The Oval Fountain

Discover an Emperors escape with your own Private Driver and Guide.

Villa Adriana (Hadrian's Villa) is regarded as one of the most important archaeological sites in Italy. Known as Tibur in ancient times, the small hill town of Tivoli lies 30 km east of Rome. It was probably founded in the 11th BC, 4 centuries before Rome itself. Its increasing popularity with wealthy Romans began in the 1st century BC due to its cooler summer climate, abundant water supply and its accessibility to Rome.

Duration : 7 hours
Private from : €795 per group - Driver and Guide included

Ostia Antica - Ancient Port of Rome

mosiacs ostia antica

At the mouth of the Tiber River...

The Port of Ancient Rome (Ostia Antica) is truly a place where you can touch, climb and play! Conveniently situated 40 minutes from central Rome it makes for a fascinating and relaxing half day out of the city.

Duration :
3.5 hours
Private from : €350 per group

Borghese Gallery Tour

Borghese Gallery fisheye

Relax, Enjoy and Admire

When it comes to museums and galleries in Italy, none compare to the serenity of the Borghese Gallery. With its life like sculptures by Bernini, masterful brush strokes of Raphael, and Caravaggio's dramatic contrast, there is no better place to immerse yourself into the tranquil world of art.

Duration : 2.5 hours
Private from : €330 per group

Catacombs and Hill Towns of Rome

via appia antica the appian way

A road less travelled...

The road less travelled takes you on a journey down the Appian Way; the ancient road built by the Romans to connect the city to it's conquered lands. Also, we visit the long stretch of aqueducts which brought water to Rome from the mountains surrounding it. This private tour allows you to experience a different side to Rome, the amazing engineering, ancient thinking and innovative ways which helped the world create infrastructure and transport today. We will also visit the Catacombs of San Sabastiano, an ancient Christian burial ground where many martyr's were laid to rest. Finally, we visit the Castelli Romani, the hill towns surrounding Rome. Surrounding the beautiful volcanic lake of Lake Albano we will stop for lunch before seeing the Papal Summer residence where the Pope likes to stay to get away from the heat of the city.

Duration : 5 hours
Private from : €600 per group + ent. fees : Driver-Guide included

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