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Whether you are exploring Italy with friends, the whole family or with your local church group, we have the ability to cater to all of your needs. We specialize in Private Tours throughout Italy's main destinations, Tailored Tours for those with special needs, and Interest Tours for groups, such as schools ,with a particular area of interest. customize

Private Tours

Its all about you

We offer private tours in all of Italy's main destinations and our guides in each city and every town are the best in the business. When touring privately there is much more flexibility compared to when touring with a group, you have the guide all for yourself. You can move when you want to, spend more time (or less) at certain locations, create your own itineraries and most importantly let the guide focus solely on you.

Tailored Tours

What would you like to do?

We offer tailored tours for those who have a restricted amount of time, those who have plenty of time, and for those who just want a truly out of the ordinary time in Italy. Our professional staff have worked in the industry for long time and our connections in Italy run deep. If you would like us to create something special for you then this is the section for you. 

Large Groups : Schools, Pilgrimages, Wedding Parties & More

We can accomodate...

Roman Candle Tours also specializes in the organisation of large group travel and tours in Italy. With our vast connections with hotels, busses and sites we can accommodate groups of any size, for any occasion. Whether you are arriving on a school trip, in a wedding party, with a pilgrimage or for business, we will make sure that your group has everything you need as soon as you arrive in Italy.

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