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Semi-Private Tours
Max 10 people

Our Semi Private Tours allow a maximum of 10 people in each group ensuring that everyone has the chance to interact with the guide throughout the course of the tour. If you do not wish to have the full attention of the guide, or if you wish to meet other travelers on your vacation then there is no better way to learn and enjoy yourself then in one of our Semi Private tours of Rome and tours of the Vatican City.

Roman Candle Tours' Semi Private groups in Rome cover not only the most popular and must see sites in the city, but we also aim to explore other areas which are off the beaten track. From the Vatican to the Colosseum, to the many famous piazzas, monuments and fountains in the historic center such as the Pantheon and Trevi Fountain, this is the best 'bang for your buck' when travelling alone, or as a couple.

1. 10 People Max Group Size : We are not shepherds, our Semi Private tours allow a Maximum of 10 people in each group making every tour an intimate and fulfilling experience. Ask questions and hear answers, with an average group size of around 6 people, you will not be another face in the crowd. 

2. All Inclusive Costs : Our semi private tours always come at an all inclusive cost, which means that the price you see listed, is the price that you will be asked to pay. There are no additional entrance fees or hidden costs.

3. Off the Beaten Track : We do not like to be part of the herd. Nor should you!
We want to show you all of the must see sites that each area has to offer, but we don't want to be crowded around hundreds of others while we do it. With our maximum group size of only 10 people, we are much more mobile and are not held back by large groups. This allows us to arrive at the hard to reach places, in turn giving us the best views while keeping you off the beaten track. 

4. Saving you Time, at an Enjoyable Pace : Time is precious, vacations are priceless. With our limited group size we don't waste time organizing large group numbers. We are more efficient in the way we tour so that you do save time, without tiring yourself out running from place to place. We aim to keep your body and mind fresh.

5. Meeting Other Travelers : Meeting other travelers along the way is all part of the journey. In our Semi Private tours we find that the small group numbers causes our guests interact with each other and engage in conversation very quickly. Whether it's simply a question of where one another are from, or where the best gelato is in Italy, Not only is it fun to talk with other travelers from all over the world, it is an quality addition to your adventure.

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