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Colosseum & Ancient City Tour
In the footsteps of the Emperors...

At the very heart of Rome stands the Colosseum and the ancient structures that huddle around it. There is no better way to see the Ancient City area than with one of our experienced English speaking guides who, with their knowledge and expertise, will raise the ruins and bring the area back to life.
Duration : 3 hours
Private from : €400 for groups up to 5 people

Tour Itinerary
The Colosseum (inside & out), Roman Forum, Temple of the Vestal Virgins, Temple of Julius Caesar, The Ancient Senate House, Arch of Constantine, Via Sacra Temple of Romulus, The Palatine Hill.
Tour Duration : 3 hours
Price Breakdown :Price per group
1 - 5 People€400
6 - 8 People :€450 : email for booking
9 - 12 People :€500 : email for booking
Entrance Fee :€24.00 per person (Price above does not include entrance fee)
Meeting Times :9:30am, 3:30pm
Meeting Point :Central location in Rome. Full details in confirmation email.
Multiple tour discount:  Book this private tour with any other private tour and get €20 off this Private Tour! Discounts applied upon checkout. 

Feel free to contact us with questions or to help you create an itinerary.

Tour Description

We begin in the Roman Forum, the social, religious and governmental hub of the entire Roman world where men like Caesar, Augustus and Nero walked the streets alongside soldiers, slaves and plebs. Here you will be immersed in the every aspect of life in Ancient Rome, from the great generals and emperors who ruled it, to the humble everyday folk and their daily grind in the Forum area.

We then head to the Colosseum, the largest and most famous theater of blood the world has ever seen-you will learn the ins and outs of the Colosseum - how it worked, what games were held and why, the myths, legends and reality of the most famous and striking ancient monuments of antiquity and the lives of the men, women and wild beasts who fought and died there.

From the Colosseum, we make our way up to the Palatine Hill, where Ancient Rome was legendarily founded by the city’s first king, Romulus and later became the site of the sumptuous Imperial Palaces. By joining our guided Ancient Rome tour, you will see these magnificent archaeological sites not as a pile of rocks but rather the focal point of the power and glory of one of the greatest civilizations in history - so powerful and enduring that it echoes through our own modern lives.

More Info...
  • Skip the Line Reserved Entrance Fee : €24.00 per person
    **Entrance fees are not included in the Private tour cost

  • Suggested Meeting Time : Monday - Sunday : 9:30am or 3:30pm

  • Meeting Point : Trajan's Column ('Colonna Traiana'), located inside of Trajan's Forum which is directly to the LEFT (when facing) of the gigantic white 'Wedding Cake' monument; The Monument of Vittorio Emanuele II. Trajan's Column is the only standing column in the area, and it is hard to miss as it is 30 meters (96ft.) tall! Look for your guide holding a Green Folder. Full details and map will be included in a confirmation email.

  • Dress Code : Comfortable walking shoes

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