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Tivoli, Hadrian's Villa and the Gardens of Villa d'Este
Discover an Emperors escape with your own Private Driver and Guide.

Villa Adriana (Hadrian's Villa) is regarded as one of the most important archaeological sites in Italy. Known as Tibur in ancient times, the small hill town of Tivoli lies 30 km east of Rome. It was probably founded in the 11th BC, 4 centuries before Rome itself. Its increasing popularity with wealthy Romans began in the 1st century BC due to its cooler summer climate, abundant water supply and its accessibility to Rome.

Duration : 7 hours
Private from : €795 per group - Driver and Guide included

Tour Itinerary

Hadrian's Villa - Imperial Palace, Naval Theater, Library, Canopus, Nymphaeum

Villa d'Este - Gardens, Upper Terrace, Grotto of Diana, Fontana del Bicchierone, Rometta, Hundred Fountains, Fontana dell'Ovato

Tour Duration :7 hours (including travel time)
Price Breakdown :Price per group
1 - 5 People :€795
6 - 8 People€930
9 - 12 People :€1100
Entrance Fees :€30 per adult (Price above does not include entrance fee)
Meeting Time :10:00 am
Meeting Point :Your hotel - Driver Pickup

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Tour Description

When Emperor Hadrian decided to build his villa in Tivoli, unlike many prominent wealthy Romans he situated it on the plain, 5 km away from the hills of Tivoli. What Hadrian created between 118 - 128AD was not so much a summer retreat, as a small town.

Hadrian was the most widely traveled of the Roman emperors; he possessed a deep love of architecture and when designing the villa drew on his knowledge of architecture throughout the empire, particularly influenced by Greek and Egyptian, in a way that had never been done before.

On arrival, after a short walk from the ticket office, we can admire a scale model of the complete villa as it once was, before making our way into the site. We will wander through the imperial palace, libraries: Greek and Latin, the naval theater amongst others. We will also take in the world famous 'canopus'; one of the most important examples of ancient architecture based on Hadrian's travels in Egypt.

Before leaving the villa we will pass through large 'nymphaeum' and the remains of one of the first bath-house complexes created in the villa. Our driver will then take us the remaining 5 km from the plain up to the hill town of Tivoli where there are many options for lunch.

After lunch, we shall visit Villa d'Este, which to quote UNESCO is ''one of the most significant and complete monuments to the culture of the Renaissance and the incomparable example of the Italian garden''.

The magnificent Villa was begun by Cardinal Ippolito d'Este in the 16th century, a generous patron of the arts who also established the extensive gardens, considered amongst the finest in Italy. Having visited the palace, we can then make our way onto the balcony looking down upon the descending terraced gardens and views towards Rome. As we make our way through the gardens, we will quickly realize that water is a major theme here. Countless fountains, spouts, waterfalls, jets, and an ingenious water organ; still using the original pipes, ducts and tunnels created in the 16th century. All are driven purely by natural water pressure and the force of gravity.

Having visited the gardens, we return toward the palace and the exit where once again we take in the splendid view of the surrounding area, meet the driver and make our journey back to Rome. Once arriving in Rome, you will be brought back to your hotel, or the location of your choice as you will still have the whole evening in Rome ahead of you.

More Info...

The costs mentioned include both a Private English speaking guide as well as a private driver for a duration of around 7 hours. The cost of this private tour does not include entrance fees, food and beverages.

  • Entrance fees :
    - Hadrian's Villa : €8 - Regular ¦ Students aged 7-25 with valid I.D. - €4 ¦ Children aged 6 and under - Free
    - Villa D'Este : €11 - Regular ¦ E.U. Students aged 18-24 with valid I.D. - €8 ¦ E.U. Citizens under 18 and 65+ Free *Entrance fees are separate from the tour cost and payable on the day of your visit.

  • Suggested Meeting Time : Tuesday - Sunday : 10:00am *Please note that Villa D'Este is closed on Monday's, January 1st, May 1st and December 25th.

  • Meeting Point : The guide and driver will pick you up directly from your hotel. Please include hotel information in the special requests section when booking. Full details will be included in a confirmation email.

  • Dress Code & Security Restrictions : Tripods, Large Umbrellas, Large Backpacks, and laptops are not permitted through Security. Comfortable walking shoes

The driver will collect you directly from your hotel.

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