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Rome in a Day

All of the Eternal City in one day! (Skip the lines!)

rome and vatican overview
Rome and the Vatican
roman colosseum italy
The Colosseum
trevi fountain rome italy
The Trevi Fountain
italian food
Italian food for every tastes
Colosseum Rome
The Colosseum
fori imperiali
Fori Imperiali
Inside view of the Colosseum
Skip the line at the Colosseum
fori imperiali
Fori Imperiali
Monument of vittorio emanuelle II rome italy
The Monument of Vittorio Emanuelle II
pantheon oculus rome
The Oculus of the Patheon
fontana nettuno
The Fountain of Neptune
vatican museums musei vaticani
The Vatican Museums
sistine chapel
The Sistine Chapel
vatican museums statues
Statue of Laocoon and his sons
michelangelo  sistine chapel
Michelangelo's "The Creation of Adam"
raphael  vatican
Raphael's "The School of Athens"
michelangelo  vatican
Michelangelo's "Pieta" - Saint Peter's Basilica
altar  baldachino  bernini
Main Altar of St. Peter's Basilica
basilica san pietro
Interior of St. Peter's Basilica
No alt tag available
St. Peter's Basilica and St. Peter's Square
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As we all know, Rome wasn't built in a day so you can imagine the difficulty of trying to see in one. But, we packed the best of Rome and the Vatican into a full day private tour covering everything from the Colosseum to the Sistine Chapel to the spiciest 'meat-a-ball'!

Duration : 7 hours
Private from : €500 per group

                                                                   Tour Itinerary

Rome : The Colosseum, Roman Forum, Piazza Venezia, Spanish Steps, Trevi Fountain, Piazza Navona, Pantheon.

The Vatican City : Vatican Museums, Octagonal Courtyard, Gallery of the Maps, Gallery of the Tapestries, Rooms of Raphael, Old Papal Apartments, Sistine Chapel, *St. Peter's Basilica

Private Tour :

Tour Duration :7 hours
Price Breakdown :Price per group
1 - 5 People :€500
6 - 8 People :€600
9 - 12 People :€700
Entrance fees :Reg: €34, Reduced: €26 (Price above does not include entrance fee)
Meeting Time :9:00am
Meeting Point : Central location in Rome. Full details in confirmation email.

Feel free to contact us with questions or to help you create an itinerary.

                                                   Tour Description

This full day private tour of Rome first begins by visiting the Coliseum and Roman Forum both inside and out learning about the emperors, gladiators, vestal virgins, and she wolves which make these sites so alluring. We discuss not only the fact but also the fiction and Hollywood behind the Ancient Roman World allowing you to have a full understanding of the area before heading off into the heart of present day Rome. ---We then make out way to Piazza Venezia and the Monument of Vittorio Emanuele II, better known to most as the 'Wedding Cake'. Standing at the base of this gigantic monument we will see Mussolini's headquarters, one of the old residences of Napoleon as well as the madness of Italian traffic before continuing on down small picturesque cobblestone streets, where the real treasures are.

Arriving at the Spanish Steps, surrounded by Gucci and Prada we see why this is the hottest area in town. Our English speaking private guide in Rome will bring you to the Trevi Fountain where you can cool off in the mist while throwing a coin over your shoulder ensuring a return visit. Following the small streets we then appear in front of the Pantheon. This monument never seizes to amaze and you will know why when looking up into the dome (which is a man made world wonder).

At this point in the day your stomach should be ready to indulge in the fine selection of Italian meats, pastas, gelato and perhaps an afternoon glass of red in the area of Piazza Navona. Our Rome guide will have many restaurant suggestions to fit any pallet whether it's seafood, spaghetti, pizza or some traditional Roman cuisine like tripe (stomach lining).

After an energizing lunch, we hop in a taxi and head over to the Vatican. We choose to cover this area last, not necessarily because we are saving the best for last but also because the morning crowds will have disappeared and the museums will be much more enjoyable. The Vatican has the largest collection in the world with many highlights to see, our private guide will make sure you see them! ---We visit the Greek and Roman Statuary Collection, the Gallery of the Maps, the rooms of the famous painter Raphael, Michelangelo's Sistine Chapel and the magnificent St. Peter's Basilica.

More Info...

The costs mentioned include a Private English speaking guide in Rome for a duration of around 7 hours. The cost of this tour does not include entrance fees, food / beverages or taxi transfers within the city.

*If you wish to have a private driver for the course of the day the cost of a driver for a group of up to 5 people is €35euro / hour (total, not per person). Please mention that you would like a driver in the Special Requests section while booking.

  • Entrance fees :
    - Vatican : €20 - Regular ¦ Students aged 7-25 with valid I.D. - €12 ¦ Children aged 6 and under - Free -
    - Colosseum : €14.00 - Regular ¦ E.U. Students aged 18-24 with valid I.D. - €6.5 ¦ E.U. Citizens under 18 and 65+ Free *Entrance fees are separate from the tour cost and payable on the day of your visit.

  • Suggested Meeting Time : 9:00am. Although it is possible to switch the tour itinerary around in order to accommodate the different opening times of each site, we suggest an early start.

  • Meeting Point : Colosseum Metro Station : Directly outside of the Colosseum Metro Station is where the guide will be waiting. Full details and a map will be included in a confirmation email.

  • Dress Code & Security Restrictions : In order to enter the Vatican, both men and woman must have knees and shoulders fully covered. Tripods, Large Umbrellas, Large Backpacks, and laptops are not permitted through Vatican Security. Comfortable walking shoes

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