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Useful Information, FAQ and Tips

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Experience Italy
This page will help you prepare for your trip to Italy by providing lots of helpful information. Italy is a place full of wonders, there is no limit when it comes to new things to see, do, eat and experience. However, Italy is also a place full of surprises. It is best to be informed so that you can take in all of the new discoveries with open arms.

Useful Information

  • Info FAQ
    Don't hesitate to ask!


    If you have a question that you would like answered quickly then hopefully you will be able to find the answer on our FAQ's page. If you cannot find what you are looking for then please don't hesitate to contact us.
  • Anglo Americano hotel Rome
    Great hotels for any price range


    Our partners at 'Italy Hotels Direct' have an abundance of great hotels all throughout Italy to fit any price range. This section is dedicated to help you find the accommodation right for you. When booking directly through the hotels official websites you get the best rates while taking advantage of specials offers like complimentary breakfast buffets, free Wi-Fi and other promotions. 
  • Fun for kids Rome
    Fun 4 kids!

    Fun 4 Kids

    Choosing Italy for your family vacation gives your children the unique opportunity to see into the past, learn about the great history and many stories of this fascinating land and experience a totally different culture to their own. 
    However, it is not always easy to keep children engaged, especially when a visitors check list includes museums and sites which may not be of much interest to a kid. 
    This is why we have created a 'Fun 4 Kids' itinerary that will keep the whole family interested and having fun!
  • restaurant dinning italy
    Dining in Italy

    Choosing the perfect dining experience

    Here at Roman Candle Tours, we know how hard it is to select the best restaurant to eat out at, there's so many to choose from! Living in Italy, we have had plenty experience in experimenting with different culinary establishments to give you the best tips on where to find the best steak, fish, pizza and pasta in town, wherever you're staying. Here's our top picks for whatever you fancy!